Let’s rock your audience!


More than 10 years of experience on mobile entertainment is the best warranty to success. 1981Creations team is a well-known group of mobile professionals, ready to Rock your audience!

In that team you will find specialists on different areas like Marketing, SEO - ASO, user acquisition, Business intelligence, Community management, Customer care… etc..

We also give the opportunity to access to global distribution strategy, providing direct access to KEY markets like USA, China or Japan(among others).


App distribution: local - global.
Control/ test markets.
App intelligence:  retention, virality & monetization.App support & consultancy: marketing & development.
Business development: focus on B2B agreements.

Depending on our partner needs and on our previous project viability analysis, we can offer different modules or possibilities of collaboration, from app distribution to app intelligence or investment. This modules are complementary but also can work as standalone ones.

With the app distribution module, developers can take advantage of our international team and global approach. Due to that, we caneasy access to control markets, key to do tests and take decisions.

We also provide app intelligence tracking and analysis to improve and optimize critical KPIs on retention, virality and monetization. With this data we are able to support your app and perform marketing activities. Our experienced team will guide you to success being your marketing consultancy agency, designing acquisition, loyalty, retargeting & CRM campaigns. All tracked in a proper way to maximize the profitability. Our DNA is results - oriented, so that’s why we’re obsessed about metrics. Performance is the right path on the mobile arena and we know that… so we put all the mechanisms to track and analyze data in order to take decisions, design strategies and implement it in the real world to see how they perform. Always trying to minimize the risk and on a step by step mood, but without forgetting we want to be BIG.

Open and scalable business models are more likely to success That’s why we put all our contacts and experience to make it happen. Some apps ore games would have strong potential to open new revenue streams different than IAPs or advertising. Moreover, more markets or agreements are waiting for new and fresh content… and some developers event didn’t know it! Let us know create a new environment to diversify your business.

360º  Solution by tools implementation


Our product: Enumerados APP case study

Numbered is a free social board-game available through the main app stores around the world. The goal of the game is to beat your opponent in a numeric challenge, using simple mathematical operations (additions & subtractions).

Main features: Multiplayer, ranking, achievements, 7 different power ups, promotional codes to redeem in the app, ads & tournaments.


Our product: Advergaming solution


Interact with your current, new or potential customers in a fun environment that will contribute to optimize your sponsorship campaigns result. The advergaming impact on brand measures (awareness, brand favorability and purchase intentions).


Define your goal: qualified leads, publicity impacts, rewards on your loyalty program, data collection.


Make your brand benefit from the sponsored tournaments app features (free bonus gifts, special codes, products InApp promotions).

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